PM defends demonetisation, now says it will help farmers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today likened demonetisation to a Hindu ‘yagna’ or sacrifice.
In a series of tweets, the PM again defended his decision to scrap high value currency, but this time focussed on its benefit for rural India and wage labourers, the people who have been the most affected by the cash crunch .

The PM also made a mention of “a degree of inconvenience” due to the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes and said that it was something he had alerted the country to and that “this short term pain will pave way for long term gains.”

“I salute the people of India for wholeheartedly participating in this ongoing Yagna against corruption, terrorism & black money,” he said.
His focus though was on what he called “the backbone of the nation” that is farmers, traders and labourers.

“The Government’s decision has several gains for farmers, traders, labourers, who are the economic backbone of our nation. No longer will the progress and prosperity of rural India be curtailed by corruption and black money. Our villages must get their due,” Modi said.

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